Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Bama Slammers

We had to force them to smile. They were a little down after their last game (lost 5-3 after dominating every other game by at lest 8 runs). One of the mom's got the boys some silly string and candy and they perked right up! We are very proud of the boys for pulling it together this weekend. One boy even got a grand slam!

Weekend Activities

We had a very busy weekend. Connor's baseball team played 5 games in a tournament. They came in second place (out of 15 teams) with a 4-1 record. Way to go! All my boys saw the Prince Caspian movie-Blake at a friend's spend the night party on Friday. Dan and Connor, Saturday morning before baseball. I got a surprise 10 minute visit from Ellen while she was up from PC for her niece's graduation. I'm ready for her to move back! Blake signed up for football for the fall. And finally, today (Sunday) is my mom's birthday. Happy b-day Mom!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Tyrone Smith Revue

Who knew that Dan, myself and lots of Auburn grads had something in common with Jenna Bush?! The band that played at her wedding, Tyrone Smith Review, was often heard at fraternity band parties and sorority formals. My sister Lisa and the "younger crowd " knew him a Super T. We loved to sing along with them and Dan danced so hard he fell down once :) Makes me feel very old and young all at once!

Two Views of Baseball

So, every weekend we go to watch Connor and the Bama Slammers play competitive baseball.
Connor plays left field usually. Blake could care less what is going on. Here is a pyramid that he and some other kids built when we were in Auburn. After the games, Blake always has to ask, "did they win?" Unfortunately, the answer is usually no, but the trend could be changing!!