Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nov 1

Where has the time gone? Yesterday was Dan's birthday. Connor had his first JH basketball game last week. Blake wants to take up drums in band class. I am nearing one year of employment with UAB. I miss lots of things-my friends, being at every little thing at school, freedom to get things done "whenever". But there are a lot of things I do enjoy-meeting new people, helping others, a paycheck! All three of my boys have adapted to our new normal. Dan helps getting the boys to and from school, feeding everyone, and occasionally even cleaning up around the house!
We had a wonderful visit with my grandfather in PR last month. Also got a much needed family vacation in too! I will try to be better about posting-ha! Who am I kidding? Really we'll just see if I can keep up with a post or pic every now and again. These are a few pics from our trip.