Thursday, December 11, 2008

Life Update

It has been awhile since I got on here. Oh, AU lost the Iron Bowl and our coach. We ( i mean the kids and I) are over it. Dan I think is still on the close side of devastation :) Pierce the Elf came back on Dec 1st with his little brother Weldon. They brought the obligatory Advent calendar and have only TP'd the kitchen once. I started work on the 8th. So far, it is all administrative type stuff, but as the week goes on it becomes more and more focused on nursing. I will be doing shifts on lots of different units until Jan 15th when my unit opens. I am actually glad the unit opening was delayed a little b/c then I can really be there when it opens instead of off in class somewhere.

Friday, November 28, 2008


We had a wonderful time at my sister Carrie's in Savannah. C and B wanted to get up early and drive so we could have more time on Wednesday. We left at 3:56 a.m.!!! Dan and Blake stayed in the back with the DVD player and Playstation for the majority of the trip. When we got to Carrie's (about 11 EST) Jack was passed out on the couch (later found out he had an ear infection) and Henry was asleep too. So much for early arrivals! We had a great time with everyone. The funniest thing was how ALL the boys played Rock Band and Mario Kart. Dan liked holding Henry and playing video games. We came home on Friday with VERY full bellies and very tired. Thankfully we have the weekend to recover. Except for this little thing called the Iron be continued :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cake wrecks and other thoughts

Haven't posted in a while, altho' lots of things have been going on! I have a new job that starts Dec. 8th. I will be working at UAB in the new stroke unit/surgical stepdown. It is something completely different than what I have done in the past, but I think my ER background will be beneficial. I had so much fun buying scrubs and new shoes and feeling very "nursey." My friend Shari that I met during the nurse refresher course is also starting with me. Our other friend Beverly is also interviewing on Monday, so she may do orientation with us. Now on to cake wrecks. This site is too funny. There are HILARIOUS pictures and comments about professional cakes gone horribly wrong. You need to read the commentary b/c the stories that go with them will make you laugh out loud. First stop-the fireman cake and story-too funny. Enjoy! (I don't know how to link it here, so check out the side bar of blogs I am following.)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Championship Game

Saturday Blake had the Football championship game. They lost 12-7 in a real heartbreaker. The got up early in the game 7-0. Later in the first quarter the Patriots got a TD, but no extra point, 7-6. Late in the 3rd quarter our defense held them on the 2 yd line. Our next possession the other team stripped the ball from our quarterback and scored a td, 7-12.
The Lions tried really hard to get some points, but they just couldn't make it over the goal line. After the game, the other coach came and told the boys that sometimes the better team doesn't win, and that happened today. They did get a nice silver football trophy and made promises to get them next year. BTW, the Patriots are now 30-0, so you can see they are a hard team to beat! Other news: Connor got to go to math team competition and the 6th graders from his school came in third out of 11. This was the first time Connor and the other kids had done this. I think they liked it more for the "field trip" aspect of it, but they were proud of their accomplishments and brought back a plaque for the school. I had a job interview on Friday for the new Stroke Unit at UAB that I think went very well. I tell ya when I hear back from them.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Super Sunday

Lots of fun today. Connor had his team party for football at Heardmont Park. The boys all ran around and the parents hung out while Coach Doggett roasted a whole pig. Delicious! My team mom duties are now over-yeah! Next I went out to dinner/margaritas with some sorority friends from college. We had a fun catching up and I met some women that started at AU after I left. We are going to try to make it a regular dinner and bring more people in to the loop for the next outing-fun!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Random Thoughts

Saturday night and I sit here watching a team that does know how to play football. Obviously, not Auburn. Anyway, so I was reading Carrie's friend Teresa's blog. She is a photographer and someone left her an anonymous voice mail complaining about something from a year ago. Blah, blah-very beyotchy. That got me thinking about problems Carrie had a few months ago-also anonymous crap trying to put her out of business. There are some people that have NOTHING better to do with their time than to annoy and cause trouble for others. GET A LIFE! Okay, complaining over. Tomorrow will be a long but fun day. Connor has a team party for his football team and I am meeting up with some sorority sisters for dinner. Pictures to follow, I am sure. One last thing-Halloween/Dan's b-day was fun... at the last minute the boys decided to trick or treat. Before Friday they said that they wanted to just hand out candy. Thankfully we have various things to make a costume. They were "hockey fans." See picture :)

Friday, October 31, 2008

To the Championship!!!

For the first time, I think ever, the Briarwood 4th grade football team is going to the championship game! Blake's team beat Thompson 13-6 in a play off game Thursday. It was very exciting and lots of fun. The cheerleaders made posters for the boys with their names and numbers. Blake's looks like the back of a football player with his name on the back. I'll try to remember to take a picture soon and post. The game will be Saturday, Nov. 8th at 1. Hopefully will have great news to report that day.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jack has a baby brother!

This past week has been crazy busy. Friday afternoon I decided I had to be with my sister when she had a C section on Monday. Well I drove to Atlanta to stay with Lisa-stayed up too late-then got up too early and we drove to Savannah to surprise Carrie at her baby shower. When we got there she said that she had a dream I would be there! We had a great weekend playing with 3 1/2 yr old Jack. Monday, Henry was scheduled to arrive at 1130. Those in the hosptial know how know that wasn;t gonna happen. Henry arrived at 1344. All 6 lbs 3 oz of him. He looks just like his brother, but still his own little person. I could EAT HIM UP! Now I wait until Thanksgiving to see him again. Blake's team lost tonight, but still in the playoffs-more to come later.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Going to the playoffs baby!

Blake's football team won 7-6 in a real nailbiter! Blake had some great blocks and got to be team captain. He had a great time. With tonight's win, his team secured a spot in the playoffs. It is nice to have a winning football team as opposed to say...Auburn! We did make it down there on Saturday to watch us fall apart-awful! On a happy note, I got to visit with a good friend from college, Diane, before the game. We talked nonstop from the moment we met up until we said goodbye on the way in to the game. Here is a picture of us before the game-we are very windblown! Here is another pic of the boys and our friend Chris' son, Will, at Tiger Walk.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


After many football games over the past few years, Connor got a touchdown tonight! He caught a pass in the endzone. It was very exciting and all the moms around me were yelling but didn't realize it was Connor until I yelled really loud. The team beat a Vestavia team 14-7. A boy on the other team fell awkwardly on his head and had to be taken by ambulance, the teams prayed for him, as did all the parents. We took pictures before the game and here is one of my little receiver!

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Streak is Over

Sadly, b's football team lost for the 1st time this season. Remember the name Aaron Johnson-he will be a killer in Homewood sports in the years to come. He scored on the opening kickoff-the first time b's team had ever been scored upon. Much sadness around here. Doesn't help that Auburn SUCKS either. Off to class in the morning. Still loving it. Might try to get a job at St. vincent's in the ER...we'll see. I have 2 more weeks left and I really do love it. Got an IV on a manequin on the first try of course. Can still do calculations and could probably help run a code if I had to. Just need to jump in with both feet and see what happens next.
Taking pics of c's team tomorrow, hopefully wil have somthing exciting to post for his game.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Catching Up

Okay, it seems like Friday is the only day that I can catch up on anything. Dan was upset because I hadn't done any laundry, so his AU shirt that he normally wears to work wasn't clean this morning. If we lose to UT, it will be my fault! Connor had a game on Monday. They lost 25-6. Connor had some great blocks and tackles. He also caught a great pass-wish I had it on film. Blake's team won again, 6-0. His age group is the only 4th grade Briarwood team to win more than 2 games. They have won 4. They face their biggest opponent, Homewood, a week from Monday. Those kids haven't lost a game in 3 years! Class for me was great again this week. I am not the only nurse in the class who doesn't know what she wants to do. Everyday at lunch we start to talk about what is next for us-none of us know! I started a new Bible study with my friends from church. It is on the Psalms of Ascent. I'll let ya'll know how it goes...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Update

This has been a big week. I headed back to school sorta. I am taking a nurse refresher class at UAB. It will last for five weeks. Other than the parking I love it. Before I started the class, I kept telling myself that I would do something like outpt surgery or clinic, but no way would I go back to the ER. By the third day I was sitting in class thinking I probably will end up in the ER! I have friends that are labor and delivery nurses and it is such a calling for them. It is the same way for me, except it has been buried for a while. I just have to find a place that is willing to work with me on hours.
On the kid front, of course we had 2 football games. Connor's team lost 17-0 to an Alabaster team. He did pretty well though at safety and had several good tackles. Blake's team is still undeafeated and unscored upon. They won last night 6-0. Obviously it was close, he didn't get to play except for both times we kicked off. He was a little disappointed at playing time, but some kids only got on the field once and winning helps the overall mood.
I would say I am looking forward to weekend of rest, but our weekend is just as busy as the week!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Connor's Game

Not a good night for the Gold Lions. They lost to one of Vestavia's teams, 21-0. Connor caught a great pass and had a good run in the second quarter, but they just couldn't get it all together. Then, in the third quarter, Connor went to tackle a kid and got plowed over by him. He has a pretty big mark across his neck. The team doctor said he hyperextended his neck but will be fine. He is sore and we iced him down when we got home. He is also just really mad he didn't get to play after he ot hurt and he is disappointed they lost. He and Blake are sleeping in my bed while Dan is out of town so I can keep an eye on him. Please keep him in your prayers tonight.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blake's FB Game

Blake played Oak Mountain last night and they won! 20-0, again!
This was a big game because many of the Briarwood kids live in the Oak Mountain area and play other sports with these kids. In fact, one of Blake's classmates plays for the OM team. That poor kid has to face 5 boys in his own class room this morning after a little "smack talking" yesterday before the game in school.
B didn't play quite as much this game, but still got in enough to make him happy.
C plays on Thursday...more to come then.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Both boys' teams won tonight!
Blake was 20-0. B almost made an interception!
Connor was 8-0.
Pics to come later.
Go Lions!

Labor Day Weekend and Game Night

This has been a busy weekend which will be followed by a busy week.
Saturday we went to Connor's good friend, Ben's, house to swim and watch AU's opening game. We hadn't been there 30 minutes when Connor's friend Sam fell and broke his arm while the boys were playing basketball. Did I mention that this sweet boy is also our team's quarterback? Sunday we went to our friends', the Marks, lake house for the day. We had a blast. I thought I would be brave and jump off their 2nd level dock. Well, when I finally did it I thought I blew out my ear drum! Water went in my sinuses so hard that I was in pain for most of the day. Connor jumped off about 15 times and he was fine. Blake is a little timid at the lake-he wouldn't do anything but fish when we went to Lisa's back in July. He wanted to go in the canoe, so I took him for a ride. Later Dan and he went and promptly got capsized by a passing speed boat's wake! I figured we would never get B. to do anything ever again. At the end of the day Dan made him get on the disc/tube with him. He was really angry with Dan and kept telling him no. Dan said once they got going he was screaming, "this is awesome!" He went with Connor and Jeannie for about 30 minutes-we have created a monster! Yesterday was a little leisurely ending with FB practice and me grilling steak for dinner.
Tonight is the first FB game for both boys-of course at the same time on different fields. Hopefully I will have pictures to post later.

Friday, August 22, 2008

First Day of School

School started August 12th for the boys. The picture on the right is actually the first day. The other is this morning in their "game day" shirts. They both have a football jamboree game tomorrow (Saturday).

Friday, August 15, 2008

do you need surgery?

Please know that if you have any connection to me you will get your gallbladder out. We started out the week visiting my best from college, Mary. She is from B'ham but lives in VA now. She was home visiting her parents and the kids and i went to see her and her family. Anyway, so Mary tells me she is going to have surgery next week in GA so her mother-in-law can watch her 3 kids while she has her gallbladder out. Later that afternoon we go to "meet the teacher day" and Connor's teacher is not there b/c she had emergency gb surgery. Some of you may remember that Ellen also had gb surgery that canceled our trip to FL. Be forewarned!!! So, in conclusion-knowing me means that your gall bladder will come out!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend at Lisa and Wright's Lake House

As most of you know my family was supposed to go visit my dear friend Ellen and her family, but she is sick and had gallbladder surgery and needs continued prayer for healing. My sister Lisa invited us to Lake Chatgue on the GA/NC border.

We had a blast fishing and cooking and grilling. Wright took us out for tours fun-I did knee boarding for quite a while, and tubed a little. It is harder to get flung off the tube when you are sharing-much easier if you are solo. My dad was also there for all the fun. It was a great weekend-i can't wait to be invited back! I keep realizing all these things that I really love doing that are new to me at 36. Water skiing, knee boarding, tubing, watching other people fish. Being so engrossed in a book that you make yourself get up every now and again to be social with real people. Lisa, Dad, and I are all guilty of this. I tried to tell Wright it was because we were so highly educated, but he thought my dad's book was fine but mine and Lisa's were crap!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Black Belt Testing

Today was finally the big day. Connor and Blake have been taking Tae Kwon Do for almost 4 years. They have been preparing for this test for a year. They both did great. I told Connor I wouldn't cry, and I almost didn't. That was until the mom who was testing with them broke all three of her boards and looked like she was going to pass out. She looked so determined and scared all at the same time. Several of us other moms were just so proud of her too! We then got to go to Mellow Mushroom to celebrate with pizza and cake.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Where is the time going?

It is Saturday and I am just realizing how little of summer is left for our family. This next week is going to be hectic. Both Connor and Blake will be testing for their Black Belts in Tae Kwon Do. This has been an almost 4 year endeavor. Blake was in KINDERGARTEN when he started. Now he is going to football practice and getting ready for 4th grade. Connor has now reached the 5 feet mark and can sit in the front seat. Okay so not only is the summer going by, but so is life! We have family coming to visit for the big event, Connor has his baseball team party and we have football practices. Oh yeah, did I mention that Connor has decided to play football after all? The next week are going to visit the Gentrys in FL. We come back, then my dad will visit. then school starts! Look for pics and/or video from the black belt test coming soon...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July Fourth at Lake Martin

We spent the 4th at our friends', the Thames, at Lake Martin. We had a great time eating, playing in the pool and the lake, and watching fireworks. A great lightening storm provided entertainment along with the fireworks. It even knocked the power out for a couple of hours! I could live the rest of my life at Donna's house. Not only is her husband a great cook, the view is great and Auburn isn't too far. After we went home, Donna called me to tell me that Tommy Tuberville was in front of their place in his bright orange boat-maybe next time we can swim out to say hi.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Camp B part 2

I don't know how I forgot to mention that while Connor was at camp he ate 5 grasshoppers! He said he did it to earn extra points for his cabin!

This is c and b with their counselor Pinta-he is from Brazil!

Camp Briarwood

This summer both boys got to go to overnight camp for the first time. Connor went first and had a blast. Sailing was his favorite activity. He shot his good Briarwood Baseball cap over 20 times during riflery-we were sure to tell Blake that wasn't allowed when it was his turn! We picked Connor up on a Saturday and Blake left the next Monday. Let me tell you, it is strange to only have one of your children for that length of time. Anyway, so the next Saturday we go to pick up Blake and he is wearing the same clothes for almost the whole week! His feet were black and he smelled like the forest. I asked him if he wanted to come back again and he yelled "PLEASE!" I have negotiated that he will change clothes more often next year:)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vegas Trip

Elise and I hang out with Hef in Vegas. Really we went to the cheesy wax museum. It was very funny. Elise loves Johnny Depp, so of course we got pictures of her with him too. Our last night we went to Emeril's new restaurant, Table 10. It was AWESOME! We got to do a five course chef's tasting with wine. We had a great time and definitely would go back again.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Bama Slammers

We had to force them to smile. They were a little down after their last game (lost 5-3 after dominating every other game by at lest 8 runs). One of the mom's got the boys some silly string and candy and they perked right up! We are very proud of the boys for pulling it together this weekend. One boy even got a grand slam!

Weekend Activities

We had a very busy weekend. Connor's baseball team played 5 games in a tournament. They came in second place (out of 15 teams) with a 4-1 record. Way to go! All my boys saw the Prince Caspian movie-Blake at a friend's spend the night party on Friday. Dan and Connor, Saturday morning before baseball. I got a surprise 10 minute visit from Ellen while she was up from PC for her niece's graduation. I'm ready for her to move back! Blake signed up for football for the fall. And finally, today (Sunday) is my mom's birthday. Happy b-day Mom!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Tyrone Smith Revue

Who knew that Dan, myself and lots of Auburn grads had something in common with Jenna Bush?! The band that played at her wedding, Tyrone Smith Review, was often heard at fraternity band parties and sorority formals. My sister Lisa and the "younger crowd " knew him a Super T. We loved to sing along with them and Dan danced so hard he fell down once :) Makes me feel very old and young all at once!

Two Views of Baseball

So, every weekend we go to watch Connor and the Bama Slammers play competitive baseball.
Connor plays left field usually. Blake could care less what is going on. Here is a pyramid that he and some other kids built when we were in Auburn. After the games, Blake always has to ask, "did they win?" Unfortunately, the answer is usually no, but the trend could be changing!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Blake's Slot Car Racing Birthday Party

My sweet, wonderful Blake is 9!!!
He had a great time at his brithday party with friends racing "slot cars."

Monday, March 24, 2008

My grandfather's obituary

This ran in the local paper. Most of you know that my grandfather died recently. He remains close to our hearts, forever and always.

Lewis Gouverneur Morris Timpson Jr. formerly of Bridgewater

ATLANTA, Ga. — Lewis Gouverneur Morris Timpson Jr., 86, formerly of Bridgewater, passed away Wednesday March 12, 2008 in Atlanta, Ga. Born in Denver, Mr. Timpson grew up in Plainfield, raised his family in South Plainfield and Bridgewater and retired to Palm Beach, Fla., and Beach Haven.
Mr. Timpson graduated from Plainfield High School and Union College in Schenectady, N.Y. He was a World War II veteran, landed on Normandy on his 23rd birthday, was in Paris for the liberation and participated in the Battle of the Bulge. He was a proud descendant of the first colonial governor of New Jersey, Lewis Morris, and Gouverneur Morris, statesman and member of the Constitutional Convention.
Mr. Timpson retired from Metropolitan Life Insurance in 1979. He loved to play tennis and gladly shared with friends and family the fruits of his gardening, crabbing and fishing. He was a warm and loving husband to Ingrid Gundersen Timpson and Abigail Jordan Timpson, who both predeceased him.
He was a devoted father to Karen Alvarez, Lewis Timpson III, Melissa Timpson and their spouses. He felt fortunate to have been a stepfather to John Mark Jordan, Abigail Schager, Deborah Jaquiery, Matthew Jordan and their spouses. Mr. Timpson leaves nine grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. He is survived by his brothers, Walter and Peter; two sisters, Fran Renz and Ann Woodruff and brother-in-law, Arnold Gundersen, and their families.
Private arrangements will be held at a later date at the family's convenience.
Donations may be made to a charity of your choice in Mr. Timpson's name. Dad, our own "Desperado," you are loved and truly missed. Through us, your song will live on.


We had a wonderful Easter. We got up early and went to church. Then we came home and spent lunch and the afternoon with our friends and neighbors. We ate entirely too much and then had an egg hunt. The shiny eggs were the prize-cold, hard cash!

To visit the Gentrys

For Spring break we went to visit the Gentrys in Lynn Haven, FL.
It was windy and cold! We had a great time but didn't get to do much at the beach. We ate lots of good food, went bowling and saw the lovey movie College Road Trip :) We're going back again when the weather is better!

Friday, March 14, 2008


Here he is near the Korean War Memorial.

Connor and Amy in D.C.

Here we are in front of the White House. No W sightings. It was cold. The first day our feet were freezing. By day 2 (day of photo), we were comfortable with jackets and gloves.

Friday, March 7, 2008

That blurry boy is Connor at an "Extreme Kicking" class.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Blake Board Breaking 5/07

This is Blake during testing last year breaking a board.

Here is a picture of our sweet dog Chili not long after her surgery. She is recuperating, but still gets into too much trouble.