Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nov 1

Where has the time gone? Yesterday was Dan's birthday. Connor had his first JH basketball game last week. Blake wants to take up drums in band class. I am nearing one year of employment with UAB. I miss lots of things-my friends, being at every little thing at school, freedom to get things done "whenever". But there are a lot of things I do enjoy-meeting new people, helping others, a paycheck! All three of my boys have adapted to our new normal. Dan helps getting the boys to and from school, feeding everyone, and occasionally even cleaning up around the house!
We had a wonderful visit with my grandfather in PR last month. Also got a much needed family vacation in too! I will try to be better about posting-ha! Who am I kidding? Really we'll just see if I can keep up with a post or pic every now and again. These are a few pics from our trip.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sept 2009

Okay, so it has been a ridiculously long time since I have updated... No excuses, just life. Work is getting better, just when I might get comfortable-I get reallocated to other units. Sometimes the grass is greener, but not the grass I prefer... Connor has started Junior Hi, and is really liking it. Changing classes, different teachers and friends each time-what's not to love?
Blake is enjoying being the only Armstrong boy at the Elem school. Still think he has a future in movies-the voices get more real and funnier each time. Will try to do better. I have gotten better with facebook-lots of my pics and thoughts end up there-just easier. If you are listening (or reading) that might be the best bet to keep up with this crazy clan!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Birthday Boy

Today is my sweet Blake's 10th birthday. I cannot believe that he is in double digits now... We have plans for Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Zaxby's for lunch. Dan and I will go to school to celebrate with him. Later on, for dinner, we are going to his favorite-The Melting Pot. A lot has gone on around here since my last post. We had Spring Break-low key and fun trip to the lake with our friends the Thames. That is their fabulous boat the boys are on in the above pic. Mike likes to take people "boat ridin'" and we thouroughly enjoyed it. After the lake the boys and I went to Atlanta to visit my mom and Lisa. We ate at places that had closed in Bham-Bahama Breeze and On the Border. The waitress at OTB even gave me chips and salsa to bring home for Dan. We went to the World of Coca Cola. A fun and very syrupy trip to downtown. I think my mom and I tried about 30 different kinds and the boys had almost all 64! We came back to the final 9 weeks of school-YEAH! I am so ready for summer. I have been working 2 nights a week and going to classes. I now have my NIH (Natl Inst. of Health) Stroke Scale Certification and ACLS (Adv. Cardiac Life Support) Certification. I still am not used to working at night. I LOVE my coworkers, but I feel like a zombie! Dan's parents will be here Friday for Blake's birthday and Easter. After that, Dan is off to Vegas. I think this is the first time in 3 years that I am not going with him :( I am holding out for a trip in June when I can take a vacation day from work! I'll try to be better about posting...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sorry, no pictures :)

What a wild past couple of months we have had! I have totally lost all my will and time to put things up on here! I will try to be better and at least catch up. Maybe I can take some pictures today at Connor's basketball game...
Well, I have really been working these last two months. I am enjoying having a job and some of the people I work with are quickly becoming close friends. The work is REALLY hard. I pray each night on the way to work and have friends praying for me on the days I work. People are very sick. Many of them have very sad stories that if it weren't for confidentiality I would share. I don't know if it is b/c I work nights (7p-7a) but I feel like I never get to see the good stuff that happens. One night I came in and 2 pts I had the night before were gone-I honestly thought Oh no, they died or got moved to ICU. Then I found out they both went to rehab-a major step up. They both had very high blood pressure that I was constantly treating, so it just shocked me they had improved enough to move out. I have some classes coming up that I am looking forward to-I've always loved "school."
Connor has been busy with basketball. Only 1-4 right now, but hey that could change today!
Blake is still doing Tae Kwon Do with Connor. They also have been doing some Jujitsu which they love. I am not a big fan-it is like wrestling and it is too rough for me to watch my babies doing the moves. I let Dan take them most times.
My little nephew Henry is growing fast. My mom saw him last week for Jack's 4th birthday and sent pics. I told the boys H looked just like Carrie when she was a baby. Blake, completely serious, says, I think he looks more like Lisa. So vintage B :)
Happy Valentine's day to everyone. Funny thing-Dan and I got each other the exact same card. It plays Johnny Cash's ring of fire and says smthg about being hot. The boys thought we did that on purpose-Dan said it is b/c we are soulmates-very nice of my sweet husband to say!