Friday, August 15, 2008

do you need surgery?

Please know that if you have any connection to me you will get your gallbladder out. We started out the week visiting my best from college, Mary. She is from B'ham but lives in VA now. She was home visiting her parents and the kids and i went to see her and her family. Anyway, so Mary tells me she is going to have surgery next week in GA so her mother-in-law can watch her 3 kids while she has her gallbladder out. Later that afternoon we go to "meet the teacher day" and Connor's teacher is not there b/c she had emergency gb surgery. Some of you may remember that Ellen also had gb surgery that canceled our trip to FL. Be forewarned!!! So, in conclusion-knowing me means that your gall bladder will come out!

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Megan said...

K, that is kinda freaking me out cause I am having some gallbladder issues lately. If I end up in the OR, I know who to blame!!! Call me tomorrow!