Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sorry, no pictures :)

What a wild past couple of months we have had! I have totally lost all my will and time to put things up on here! I will try to be better and at least catch up. Maybe I can take some pictures today at Connor's basketball game...
Well, I have really been working these last two months. I am enjoying having a job and some of the people I work with are quickly becoming close friends. The work is REALLY hard. I pray each night on the way to work and have friends praying for me on the days I work. People are very sick. Many of them have very sad stories that if it weren't for confidentiality I would share. I don't know if it is b/c I work nights (7p-7a) but I feel like I never get to see the good stuff that happens. One night I came in and 2 pts I had the night before were gone-I honestly thought Oh no, they died or got moved to ICU. Then I found out they both went to rehab-a major step up. They both had very high blood pressure that I was constantly treating, so it just shocked me they had improved enough to move out. I have some classes coming up that I am looking forward to-I've always loved "school."
Connor has been busy with basketball. Only 1-4 right now, but hey that could change today!
Blake is still doing Tae Kwon Do with Connor. They also have been doing some Jujitsu which they love. I am not a big fan-it is like wrestling and it is too rough for me to watch my babies doing the moves. I let Dan take them most times.
My little nephew Henry is growing fast. My mom saw him last week for Jack's 4th birthday and sent pics. I told the boys H looked just like Carrie when she was a baby. Blake, completely serious, says, I think he looks more like Lisa. So vintage B :)
Happy Valentine's day to everyone. Funny thing-Dan and I got each other the exact same card. It plays Johnny Cash's ring of fire and says smthg about being hot. The boys thought we did that on purpose-Dan said it is b/c we are soulmates-very nice of my sweet husband to say!

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