Sunday, January 31, 2010


It has been a REALLY long time since I posted. Connor is finished with Basketball. All three "boys" are busy with jujitsu. C and B continue to do Tae Kwon Do. I am still working 2 12 hr shifts a week. We started going to a new church and the series "Five" concluded today. I can't do it justice, so if you are interested go here: My five are reading the Bible everyday (on month 8 of reading the Bible in a year), exercising, spending quality family time, learning/doing something work related for at least 10 min, cleaning/organizing for at least 10 min. So far it has been going okay. I hurt my foot so I have stuck with pilates or weight training instead of running-which I strangely miss. I am working on a big project at work that will be done in about a week which will get me a 5% raise-yeah! Part of my organizing is meal planning. This will be the second week, so I might as well link up with on her menu plan, so here it is:

Sunday: Spicy Garlic Shrimp from www.thepioneerwoman
Monday: BBQ Pork loin
Tuesday: Tacos (working, so I try to leave the easy ones for Dan-plus LOST is back-YES!)
Wednesday: Lemon chicken
Thursday: Pizza (working)
Friday: Sliders and homemade fries
Saturday: Leftovers

I am also going to try to post pictures and stuff more often...



Anonymous said...

HI! I found you through Menu Plan Monday. Looks like a great menu. Gotta love PW. :) Have a blessed day!

Well Seasoned said...

Happy Meal Plan Monday! It is really a blast and your menu looks great. Have a sweet week!