Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Update

This has been a big week. I headed back to school sorta. I am taking a nurse refresher class at UAB. It will last for five weeks. Other than the parking I love it. Before I started the class, I kept telling myself that I would do something like outpt surgery or clinic, but no way would I go back to the ER. By the third day I was sitting in class thinking I probably will end up in the ER! I have friends that are labor and delivery nurses and it is such a calling for them. It is the same way for me, except it has been buried for a while. I just have to find a place that is willing to work with me on hours.
On the kid front, of course we had 2 football games. Connor's team lost 17-0 to an Alabaster team. He did pretty well though at safety and had several good tackles. Blake's team is still undeafeated and unscored upon. They won last night 6-0. Obviously it was close, he didn't get to play except for both times we kicked off. He was a little disappointed at playing time, but some kids only got on the field once and winning helps the overall mood.
I would say I am looking forward to weekend of rest, but our weekend is just as busy as the week!

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