Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend and Game Night

This has been a busy weekend which will be followed by a busy week.
Saturday we went to Connor's good friend, Ben's, house to swim and watch AU's opening game. We hadn't been there 30 minutes when Connor's friend Sam fell and broke his arm while the boys were playing basketball. Did I mention that this sweet boy is also our team's quarterback? Sunday we went to our friends', the Marks, lake house for the day. We had a blast. I thought I would be brave and jump off their 2nd level dock. Well, when I finally did it I thought I blew out my ear drum! Water went in my sinuses so hard that I was in pain for most of the day. Connor jumped off about 15 times and he was fine. Blake is a little timid at the lake-he wouldn't do anything but fish when we went to Lisa's back in July. He wanted to go in the canoe, so I took him for a ride. Later Dan and he went and promptly got capsized by a passing speed boat's wake! I figured we would never get B. to do anything ever again. At the end of the day Dan made him get on the disc/tube with him. He was really angry with Dan and kept telling him no. Dan said once they got going he was screaming, "this is awesome!" He went with Connor and Jeannie for about 30 minutes-we have created a monster! Yesterday was a little leisurely ending with FB practice and me grilling steak for dinner.
Tonight is the first FB game for both boys-of course at the same time on different fields. Hopefully I will have pictures to post later.

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