Monday, November 10, 2008

Championship Game

Saturday Blake had the Football championship game. They lost 12-7 in a real heartbreaker. The got up early in the game 7-0. Later in the first quarter the Patriots got a TD, but no extra point, 7-6. Late in the 3rd quarter our defense held them on the 2 yd line. Our next possession the other team stripped the ball from our quarterback and scored a td, 7-12.
The Lions tried really hard to get some points, but they just couldn't make it over the goal line. After the game, the other coach came and told the boys that sometimes the better team doesn't win, and that happened today. They did get a nice silver football trophy and made promises to get them next year. BTW, the Patriots are now 30-0, so you can see they are a hard team to beat! Other news: Connor got to go to math team competition and the 6th graders from his school came in third out of 11. This was the first time Connor and the other kids had done this. I think they liked it more for the "field trip" aspect of it, but they were proud of their accomplishments and brought back a plaque for the school. I had a job interview on Friday for the new Stroke Unit at UAB that I think went very well. I tell ya when I hear back from them.

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