Saturday, November 1, 2008

Random Thoughts

Saturday night and I sit here watching a team that does know how to play football. Obviously, not Auburn. Anyway, so I was reading Carrie's friend Teresa's blog. She is a photographer and someone left her an anonymous voice mail complaining about something from a year ago. Blah, blah-very beyotchy. That got me thinking about problems Carrie had a few months ago-also anonymous crap trying to put her out of business. There are some people that have NOTHING better to do with their time than to annoy and cause trouble for others. GET A LIFE! Okay, complaining over. Tomorrow will be a long but fun day. Connor has a team party for his football team and I am meeting up with some sorority sisters for dinner. Pictures to follow, I am sure. One last thing-Halloween/Dan's b-day was fun... at the last minute the boys decided to trick or treat. Before Friday they said that they wanted to just hand out candy. Thankfully we have various things to make a costume. They were "hockey fans." See picture :)

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Teresa said...

I agree with you about Jealousy. Carrie is a GINORMOUS threat in a tiny little package to other cake artist's. I wanted to beat em up for her, but she is all peace lving and democratic. bleh! ROLL TIDE. ;)