Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day and Meal Planning

D and I exchanged goofy cards as always. B and C got some yummy Reese's PB hearts-soo good.

We ended up with a lot of leftovers last week, so some things carried over for this week.

Saturday-we had Pasta Carbonara-bacon, egg, cheese pasta
Sunday-steaks and for dessert baked fudge from the Pioneer Woman-I'll tell ya later how they came out
Monday-Shrimp and Grits
Tuesday-Chicken Fried Rice
Wednesday-Crock pot Spaghetti
Thursday-Jambalaya-didn't get to it last week...

Have a great week and please say a prayer for my friend Cherie, she is going thru a rough time with chemo and pain and could use as much prayer as possible.



Amy A A said...

Two things-the baked fudge cakes were so rich and gooey I couldn't finish it and I LOVE making roasted oven fries with spicy season salt from Penzey's spices. Like, never buying Ore Ida frozen fat fries again!!!

Amanda @ Mommy's Idea Book said...

Hi Amy,

I just found you through MPM. After brousing your blog, it appears we have a lot in common. We are also an "ABCD" family. We even named our personal website (Amanda, Brooke, Chuck & David).

We also live in Alabama, just north of Cullman. Anyway, you may not have wanted to know all that, but I just thought is was kind of a neat consequence.

By the way, your menu looks good too. :)

Amanda @ Mommy's Idea Book said...

I meant coincidence, not consequence. LOL!! Oops!!