Sunday, February 28, 2010

The week before the big trip...

D and B leave for the big 5th grade trip on Saturday, so I wanted to make some of their favorites this week. Last week was a disaster! 5 out of 7 nights were not what I planned...however, last night i made flank steak and skillet potato pancake from Melissa D. of the Food Network-awesome!! So here is our menu for the week...

Tuesday-Lemon Chicken (D's fave)
Wednesday-Wanchai Ferry meal-so easy and yummy for a night when I work
Friday-BBQ pork (b's fave)
Sat-C and I will be going out-a lot!

Have a great week.

Love, Amy

PS-my great Aunt Ida passed away today. I did not know her very well, but always think of her smile and how much my grandmother loved her. (She was my grandfather's sister.) The Lord has taken her from this place to a much better place that we can't even imagine-tell Nana hi for me Tia Ida :)

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